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#!/bin/sh -
# Treat unset variables as an error.
set -o nounset
# Clone the botoform git repo.
git clone $HOME/botoform
# Change working directory to botoform source code root.
cd $HOME/botoform
echo "Assuming virtualenv is installed."
# Create a virtualenv named env.
virtualenv env
# Activate virtualenv.
set +o nounset
source env/bin/activate
set -o nounset
# Install dependencies into virtualenv.
python develop
echo "Verifying that the 'bf' tool runs, running help to show usage."
# run help, should show usage.
bf --help
# Tell user the next step which is configuring the AWS Config file.
echo ""
echo "Botoform was installed successfully!"
echo ""
echo "Next Steps:"
echo ""
echo "1. Please configure your AWS Configuration file: ~/.aws/config"
echo ""
echo " For help go to:"
echo ""
echo ""
echo "2. Please 'source' the newly created virtualenv:"
echo ""
echo " source $HOME/botoform/env/bin/activate"
echo ""
echo "3. Get familiar with the 'bf' tool."
echo ""