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Lambda function that creates a timelapse


create-timelapse expects to be invoked with an event object.


Lambda functions can be invoked in several ways, as documented by the AWS SDK.

Here are links to PHP and Node.

##event object

//example event object
  "workBucket": "russbosco",
  "musicUrl": "",
  "videoTitle": "Legendairy Milk Party",
  "videoDescription": "Music credit to ray kwan",
  "watermarkUrl": "",
  "endcardUrl": "",
  "sourceFiles": [ 

###required params

  • workBucket - Bucket this function uses for temp work (storing pngs and mp4s)
  • sourceFiles - An array of URLs pointing to the timelapse's images
  • musicUrl - URL for the mp3 to be included in the final video
  • videoTitle - Title for the Vimeo video to be uploaded
  • videoDescription - Set literally to the description tag on the vimeo video

###optional params

  • watermarkUrl - Watermark to be applied to all the images in the timelapse (except the endcard)
  • endcardUrl - Card to be displayed at the end of the video - currently displays for 45 frames
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