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The script for installing Rust from release channels
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You're probably looking for if you arrived from Google

Despite being in rust-lang-nursery org, is now the default rustup.

Build Status

The script installs Rust from the Rust release channels. It is most often run as a copy of the file alone.

Note: will be replaced by

curl -sf | sudo sh


  • Install from stable, beta, or nightly channels.
  • Install from the archives.
  • Verifies hashes.
  • Verifies signatures (if gpg is available).
  • Resumes downloads.
  • For Linux and OS X (Windows support someday).


Download and install the default channel, currently beta.

Install to a particular location. --prefix=my/install/dir

Save downloads for faster re-installs. --save

Install nightly. --channel=nightly

Install nightly archives. --channel=nightly --date=2015-04-09

Install explicit versions. --revision=1.0.0-beta

Future work

  • GC old temp and cache files.
  • Error on unknown command line options.
  • Do cleanup of in-use temp files on trap.
  • Don't clobber multirust if it is installed at the destination prefix.


This software is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and/or the Apache License (Version 2.0), at your option.


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