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Home of the Rust language design team.
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A home for the Rust language design team. The language design team is generally responsible for decisions involving the design of the Rust language itself, such as its syntax, semantics, or specification. This repository houses planning documents, meeting minutes, and other such things.

Quick facts

  • Where to find us: You can reach out to us on Discord, though some working groups are on Zulip.
  • Want to attend a meeting or follow along? See the "meeting calendar" section below.

Working groups

Check out the working-groups directory to see a list of active working groups.

Meeting Calendar

The main meeting is held weekly with a rotating topic. You can find out more details in the dropbox paper document. Anyone is welcome to attend and listen in, but recordings are also posted on the Language Design team playlist of the Rust YouTube channel.

In addition to the main meetings, working groups often have their own meetings. You can subscribe to our publicly available calendar to see them all. Many meetings take place using the Zoom video conferencing software, while others are text meetings. The meeting description should indicate that. Our meeting calendar is publicly available from the following links:

Upcoming meeting topics:

  • June 6: std-aware cargo
  • May 30: “C Parity” or “FFI”, proposed charter
  • May 23: async-await review

Code of Conduct and licensing

All interactions on this repository (whether on issues, PRs, or elsewhere) are governed by the Rust Code of Conduct.

Further, all content on this repository is subject to the standard Rust licensing.

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