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Find file Copy path
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use std::collections::BTreeMap;
use std::fmt;
use std::path::PathBuf;
use errors;
use errors::emitter::{ColorConfig, HumanReadableErrorType};
use getopts;
use rustc::lint::Level;
use rustc::session::early_error;
use rustc::session::config::{CodegenOptions, DebuggingOptions, ErrorOutputType, Externs};
use rustc::session::config::{nightly_options, build_codegen_options, build_debugging_options,
get_cmd_lint_options, ExternEntry};
use rustc::session::search_paths::SearchPath;
use rustc_driver;
use rustc_target::spec::TargetTriple;
use syntax::edition::{Edition, DEFAULT_EDITION};
use crate::core::new_handler;
use crate::externalfiles::ExternalHtml;
use crate::html;
use crate::html::{static_files};
use crate::html::markdown::{IdMap};
use crate::opts;
use crate::passes::{self, DefaultPassOption};
use crate::theme;
/// Configuration options for rustdoc.
pub struct Options {
// Basic options / Options passed directly to rustc
/// The crate root or Markdown file to load.
pub input: PathBuf,
/// The name of the crate being documented.
pub crate_name: Option<String>,
/// How to format errors and warnings.
pub error_format: ErrorOutputType,
/// Library search paths to hand to the compiler.
pub libs: Vec<SearchPath>,
/// The list of external crates to link against.
pub externs: Externs,
/// List of `cfg` flags to hand to the compiler. Always includes `rustdoc`.
pub cfgs: Vec<String>,
/// Codegen options to hand to the compiler.
pub codegen_options: CodegenOptions,
/// Debugging (`-Z`) options to pass to the compiler.
pub debugging_options: DebuggingOptions,
/// The target used to compile the crate against.
pub target: Option<TargetTriple>,
/// Edition used when reading the crate. Defaults to "2015". Also used by default when
/// compiling doctests from the crate.
pub edition: Edition,
/// The path to the sysroot. Used during the compilation process.
pub maybe_sysroot: Option<PathBuf>,
/// Linker to use when building doctests.
pub linker: Option<PathBuf>,
/// Lint information passed over the command-line.
pub lint_opts: Vec<(String, Level)>,
/// Whether to ask rustc to describe the lints it knows. Practically speaking, this will not be
/// used, since we abort if we have no input file, but it's included for completeness.
pub describe_lints: bool,
/// What level to cap lints at.
pub lint_cap: Option<Level>,
// Options specific to running doctests
/// Whether we should run doctests instead of generating docs.
pub should_test: bool,
/// List of arguments to pass to the test harness, if running tests.
pub test_args: Vec<String>,
/// Optional path to persist the doctest executables to, defaults to a
/// temporary directory if not set.
pub persist_doctests: Option<PathBuf>,
// Options that affect the documentation process
/// The selected default set of passes to use.
/// Be aware: This option can come both from the CLI and from crate attributes!
pub default_passes: DefaultPassOption,
/// Any passes manually selected by the user.
/// Be aware: This option can come both from the CLI and from crate attributes!
pub manual_passes: Vec<String>,
/// Whether to display warnings during doc generation or while gathering doctests. By default,
/// all non-rustdoc-specific lints are allowed when generating docs.
pub display_warnings: bool,
/// Whether to run the `calculate-doc-coverage` pass, which counts the number of public items
/// with and without documentation.
pub show_coverage: bool,
// Options that alter generated documentation pages
/// Crate version to note on the sidebar of generated docs.
pub crate_version: Option<String>,
/// Collected options specific to outputting final pages.
pub render_options: RenderOptions,
impl fmt::Debug for Options {
fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter<'_>) -> fmt::Result {
struct FmtExterns<'a>(&'a Externs);
impl<'a> fmt::Debug for FmtExterns<'a> {
fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter<'_>) -> fmt::Result {
.field("input", &self.input)
.field("crate_name", &self.crate_name)
.field("error_format", &self.error_format)
.field("libs", &self.libs)
.field("externs", &FmtExterns(&self.externs))
.field("cfgs", &self.cfgs)
.field("codegen_options", &"...")
.field("debugging_options", &"...")
.field("target", &
.field("edition", &self.edition)
.field("maybe_sysroot", &self.maybe_sysroot)
.field("linker", &self.linker)
.field("lint_opts", &self.lint_opts)
.field("describe_lints", &self.describe_lints)
.field("lint_cap", &self.lint_cap)
.field("should_test", &self.should_test)
.field("test_args", &self.test_args)
.field("persist_doctests", &self.persist_doctests)
.field("default_passes", &self.default_passes)
.field("manual_passes", &self.manual_passes)
.field("display_warnings", &self.display_warnings)
.field("show_coverage", &self.show_coverage)
.field("crate_version", &self.crate_version)
.field("render_options", &self.render_options)
/// Configuration options for the HTML page-creation process.
#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct RenderOptions {
/// Output directory to generate docs into. Defaults to `doc`.
pub output: PathBuf,
/// External files to insert into generated pages.
pub external_html: ExternalHtml,
/// A pre-populated `IdMap` with the default headings and any headings added by Markdown files
/// processed by `external_html`.
pub id_map: IdMap,
/// If present, playground URL to use in the "Run" button added to code samples.
/// Be aware: This option can come both from the CLI and from crate attributes!
pub playground_url: Option<String>,
/// Whether to sort modules alphabetically on a module page instead of using declaration order.
/// `true` by default.
// FIXME(misdreavus): the flag name is `--sort-modules-by-appearance` but the meaning is
// inverted once read.
pub sort_modules_alphabetically: bool,
/// List of themes to extend the docs with. Original argument name is included to assist in
/// displaying errors if it fails a theme check.
pub themes: Vec<PathBuf>,
/// If present, CSS file that contains rules to add to the default CSS.
pub extension_css: Option<PathBuf>,
/// A map of crate names to the URL to use instead of querying the crate's `html_root_url`.
pub extern_html_root_urls: BTreeMap<String, String>,
/// If present, suffix added to CSS/JavaScript files when referencing them in generated pages.
pub resource_suffix: String,
/// Whether to run the static CSS/JavaScript through a minifier when outputting them. `true` by
/// default.
// FIXME(misdreavus): the flag name is `--disable-minification` but the meaning is inverted
// once read.
pub enable_minification: bool,
/// Whether to create an index page in the root of the output directory. If this is true but
/// `enable_index_page` is None, generate a static listing of crates instead.
pub enable_index_page: bool,
/// A file to use as the index page at the root of the output directory. Overrides
/// `enable_index_page` to be true if set.
pub index_page: Option<PathBuf>,
/// An optional path to use as the location of static files. If not set, uses combinations of
/// `../` to reach the documentation root.
pub static_root_path: Option<String>,
// Options specific to reading standalone Markdown files
/// Whether to generate a table of contents on the output file when reading a standalone
/// Markdown file.
pub markdown_no_toc: bool,
/// Additional CSS files to link in pages generated from standalone Markdown files.
pub markdown_css: Vec<String>,
/// If present, playground URL to use in the "Run" button added to code samples generated from
/// standalone Markdown files. If not present, `playground_url` is used.
pub markdown_playground_url: Option<String>,
/// If false, the `select` element to have search filtering by crates on rendered docs
/// won't be generated.
pub generate_search_filter: bool,
/// Option (disabled by default) to generate files used by RLS and some other tools.
pub generate_redirect_pages: bool,
impl Options {
/// Parses the given command-line for options. If an error message or other early-return has
/// been printed, returns `Err` with the exit code.
pub fn from_matches(matches: &getopts::Matches) -> Result<Options, i32> {
// Check for unstable options.
nightly_options::check_nightly_options(&matches, &opts());
if matches.opt_present("h") || matches.opt_present("help") {
return Err(0);
} else if matches.opt_present("version") {
rustc_driver::version("rustdoc", &matches);
return Err(0);
if matches.opt_strs("passes") == ["list"] {
println!("Available passes for running rustdoc:");
for pass in passes::PASSES {
println!("{:>20} - {}",, pass.description);
println!("\nDefault passes for rustdoc:");
for &name in passes::DEFAULT_PASSES {
println!("{:>20}", name);
println!("\nPasses run with `--document-private-items`:");
for &name in passes::DEFAULT_PRIVATE_PASSES {
println!("{:>20}", name);
if nightly_options::is_nightly_build() {
println!("\nPasses run with `--show-coverage`:");
for &name in passes::DEFAULT_COVERAGE_PASSES {
println!("{:>20}", name);
println!("\nPasses run with `--show-coverage --document-private-items`:");
for &name in passes::PRIVATE_COVERAGE_PASSES {
println!("{:>20}", name);
return Err(0);
let color = match matches.opt_str("color").as_ref().map(|s| &s[..]) {
Some("auto") => ColorConfig::Auto,
Some("always") => ColorConfig::Always,
Some("never") => ColorConfig::Never,
None => ColorConfig::Auto,
Some(arg) => {
&format!("argument for --color must be `auto`, `always` or `never` \
(instead was `{}`)", arg));
// FIXME: deduplicate this code from the identical code in librustc/session/
let error_format = match matches.opt_str("error-format").as_ref().map(|s| &s[..]) {
None |
Some("human") => ErrorOutputType::HumanReadable(HumanReadableErrorType::Default(color)),
Some("json") => ErrorOutputType::Json {
pretty: false,
json_rendered: HumanReadableErrorType::Default(ColorConfig::Never),
Some("pretty-json") => ErrorOutputType::Json {
pretty: true,
json_rendered: HumanReadableErrorType::Default(ColorConfig::Never),
Some("short") => ErrorOutputType::HumanReadable(HumanReadableErrorType::Short(color)),
Some(arg) => {
&format!("argument for --error-format must be `human`, `json` or \
`short` (instead was `{}`)", arg));
let codegen_options = build_codegen_options(matches, error_format);
let debugging_options = build_debugging_options(matches, error_format);
let diag = new_handler(error_format,
// check for deprecated options
check_deprecated_options(&matches, &diag);
let to_check = matches.opt_strs("theme-checker");
if !to_check.is_empty() {
let paths = theme::load_css_paths(static_files::themes::LIGHT.as_bytes());
let mut errors = 0;
println!("rustdoc: [theme-checker] Starting tests!");
for theme_file in to_check.iter() {
print!(" - Checking \"{}\"...", theme_file);
let (success, differences) = theme::test_theme_against(theme_file, &paths, &diag);
if !differences.is_empty() || !success {
println!(" FAILED");
errors += 1;
if !differences.is_empty() {
println!("{}", differences.join("\n"));
} else {
println!(" OK");
if errors != 0 {
return Err(1);
return Err(0);
if {
diag.struct_err("missing file operand").emit();
return Err(1);
if > 1 {
diag.struct_err("too many file operands").emit();
return Err(1);
let input = PathBuf::from(&[0]);
let libs = matches.opt_strs("L").iter()
.map(|s| SearchPath::from_cli_opt(s, error_format))
let externs = match parse_externs(&matches) {
Ok(ex) => ex,
Err(err) => {
return Err(1);
let extern_html_root_urls = match parse_extern_html_roots(&matches) {
Ok(ex) => ex,
Err(err) => {
return Err(1);
let test_args = matches.opt_strs("test-args");
let test_args: Vec<String> = test_args.iter()
.flat_map(|s| s.split_whitespace())
.map(|s| s.to_string())
let should_test = matches.opt_present("test");
let output = matches.opt_str("o")
.map(|s| PathBuf::from(&s))
.unwrap_or_else(|| PathBuf::from("doc"));
let mut cfgs = matches.opt_strs("cfg");
if should_test {
let extension_css = matches.opt_str("e").map(|s| PathBuf::from(&s));
if let Some(ref p) = extension_css {
if !p.is_file() {
diag.struct_err("option --extend-css argument must be a file").emit();
return Err(1);
let mut themes = Vec::new();
if matches.opt_present("themes") {
let paths = theme::load_css_paths(static_files::themes::LIGHT.as_bytes());
for (theme_file, theme_s) in matches.opt_strs("themes")
.map(|s| (PathBuf::from(&s), s.to_owned())) {
if !theme_file.is_file() {
diag.struct_err("option --themes arguments must all be files").emit();
return Err(1);
let (success, ret) = theme::test_theme_against(&theme_file, &paths, &diag);
if !success || !ret.is_empty() {
diag.struct_err(&format!("invalid theme: \"{}\"", theme_s))
.help("check what's wrong with the --theme-checker option")
return Err(1);
let edition = if let Some(e) = matches.opt_str("edition") {
match e.parse() {
Ok(e) => e,
Err(_) => {
diag.struct_err("could not parse edition").emit();
return Err(1);
} else {
let mut id_map = html::markdown::IdMap::new();
let external_html = match ExternalHtml::load(
&diag, &mut id_map, edition) {
Some(eh) => eh,
None => return Err(3),
match matches.opt_str("r").as_ref().map(|s| &**s) {
Some("rust") | None => {}
Some(s) => {
diag.struct_err(&format!("unknown input format: {}", s)).emit();
return Err(1);
match matches.opt_str("w").as_ref().map(|s| &**s) {
Some("html") | None => {}
Some(s) => {
diag.struct_err(&format!("unknown output format: {}", s)).emit();
return Err(1);
let index_page = matches.opt_str("index-page").map(|s| PathBuf::from(&s));
if let Some(ref index_page) = index_page {
if !index_page.is_file() {
diag.struct_err("option `--index-page` argument must be a file").emit();
return Err(1);
let target = matches.opt_str("target").map(|target| {
if target.ends_with(".json") {
} else {
let show_coverage = matches.opt_present("show-coverage");
let document_private = matches.opt_present("document-private-items");
let default_passes = if matches.opt_present("no-defaults") {
} else if show_coverage && document_private {
} else if show_coverage {
} else if document_private {
} else {
let manual_passes = matches.opt_strs("passes");
let crate_name = matches.opt_str("crate-name");
let playground_url = matches.opt_str("playground-url");
let maybe_sysroot = matches.opt_str("sysroot").map(PathBuf::from);
let display_warnings = matches.opt_present("display-warnings");
let linker = matches.opt_str("linker").map(PathBuf::from);
let sort_modules_alphabetically = !matches.opt_present("sort-modules-by-appearance");
let resource_suffix = matches.opt_str("resource-suffix").unwrap_or_default();
let enable_minification = !matches.opt_present("disable-minification");
let markdown_no_toc = matches.opt_present("markdown-no-toc");
let markdown_css = matches.opt_strs("markdown-css");
let markdown_playground_url = matches.opt_str("markdown-playground-url");
let crate_version = matches.opt_str("crate-version");
let enable_index_page = matches.opt_present("enable-index-page") || index_page.is_some();
let static_root_path = matches.opt_str("static-root-path");
let generate_search_filter = !matches.opt_present("disable-per-crate-search");
let persist_doctests = matches.opt_str("persist-doctests").map(PathBuf::from);
let generate_redirect_pages = matches.opt_present("generate-redirect-pages");
let (lint_opts, describe_lints, lint_cap) = get_cmd_lint_options(matches, error_format);
Ok(Options {
render_options: RenderOptions {
/// Returns `true` if the file given as `self.input` is a Markdown file.
pub fn markdown_input(&self) -> bool {
.map_or(false, |e| e == "md" || e == "markdown")
/// Prints deprecation warnings for deprecated options
fn check_deprecated_options(matches: &getopts::Matches, diag: &errors::Handler) {
let deprecated_flags = [
for flag in deprecated_flags.iter() {
if matches.opt_present(flag) {
let mut err = diag.struct_warn(&format!("the '{}' flag is considered deprecated",
err.warn("please see");
if *flag == "no-defaults" {"you may want to use --document-private-items");
let removed_flags = [
for &flag in removed_flags.iter() {
if matches.opt_present(flag) {
diag.struct_warn(&format!("the '{}' flag no longer functions", flag))
.warn("see CVE-2018-1000622")
/// Extracts `--extern-html-root-url` arguments from `matches` and returns a map of crate names to
/// the given URLs. If an `--extern-html-root-url` argument was ill-formed, returns an error
/// describing the issue.
fn parse_extern_html_roots(
matches: &getopts::Matches,
) -> Result<BTreeMap<String, String>, &'static str> {
let mut externs = BTreeMap::new();
for arg in &matches.opt_strs("extern-html-root-url") {
let mut parts = arg.splitn(2, '=');
let name ="--extern-html-root-url must not be empty")?;
let url ="--extern-html-root-url must be of the form name=url")?;
externs.insert(name.to_string(), url.to_string());
/// Extracts `--extern CRATE=PATH` arguments from `matches` and
/// returns a map mapping crate names to their paths or else an
/// error message.
// FIXME(eddyb) This shouldn't be duplicated with `rustc::session`.
fn parse_externs(matches: &getopts::Matches) -> Result<Externs, String> {
let mut externs: BTreeMap<_, ExternEntry> = BTreeMap::new();
for arg in &matches.opt_strs("extern") {
let mut parts = arg.splitn(2, '=');
let name ="--extern value must not be empty".to_string())?;
let location =|s| s.to_string());
if location.is_none() && !nightly_options::is_unstable_enabled(matches) {
return Err("the `-Z unstable-options` flag must also be passed to \
enable `--extern crate_name` without `=path`".to_string());
let name = name.to_string();
// For Rustdoc purposes, we can treat all externs as public
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