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Home of the "traits working group", affiliated with the compiler and lang teams.
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Traits Working Group

Scope and purpose

The traits working group is dedicated to improving the trait system implementation in rustc. This working group is a collaboration between the lang team and the compiler team. We have a number of inter-related goals:

  • designing new trait-related language features;
  • documenting and specifying the semantics of traits in Rust today; and,
  • improving the trait solver implementation in rustc.

A big part of this work is transitioning the compiler to use a Chalk-style solver, but along the way we hope to make targeted fixes to the existing solver where needed.

Design meetings

We hold weekly design meetings where we talk in depth about various topics (calendar event). These meetings take place on Zulip (see below). The goal is not just to figure out what we want to do, it's also a way to spread knowledge. Feel free to come and lurk!

You'll find minutes from past meetings in the minutes directory.

Chat forum

On the rust-lang Zulip, in the #wg-traits stream.

Dedicated repository

Documents related to the wg-traits working group are stored on a dedicated repository, [rust-lang/wg-traits]. This repository contains meeting minutes, past sprints, as well as draft RFCs and other documents.

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