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Turns out to be a better interface for my weak-blocks repo.

Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell <>

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Bitcoin Transaction Corpus

This is a collection of bitcoind mempools, taken from running 4 full bitcoin nodes with a patch to annotate transactions. It's licensed under BSD-MIT.

How To Decode It

Each dump is a little-endian binary format, compressed with XZ.

Each record either reflects a new TX we accepted into the mempool from the network, OR the relative state of the mempool when a new block came in:

[4-byte:timestamp] [1 byte:type] [3-byte:block number] [32-byte:txid]

Where type is:

  1. INCOMING_TX: a new transaction added to the mempool, block number is 0.
  2. COINBASE: a coinbase transaction (ie. we didn't know this one)
  3. UNKNOWN: a transaction was in the new block, and we didn't know about it.
  4. KNOWN: a transaction was in the new block, and our mempool.
  5. MEMPOOL_ONLY: a transaction was in the mempool, but not the block.

The ordering is:

  1. Zero or more INCOMING_TX.
  2. A COINBASE tx.
  3. Zero or more UNKNOWN and KNOWN txs, in any order.
  4. Zero or more MEMPOOL_ONLY txs.

You can simply uncompress the corpora and load them directly into C arrays. See example/simple-analysis.c.

Using the Data

You will usually need a full bitcoind (ie. with txindex) to actually get the transaction contents from the hash (ie. bitcoin-cli getrawtransaction). To save space, they're not included here.

It takes about a day for the memory pool to reach steady state so usually you will want to use the data from block 352305.

There are four orphaned blocks in the data set:

  1. Blockheight 352560 Coinbase 33db9755662f6b4a46dfe26a1d65ba00c4e1a2a9f1db190e711c61e4bcd060d7 This is only in the sf-rn dataset.
  2. Blockheight 352802 Coinbase 79b1c309ab8ab92bca4d07508e0f596f872f66c6db4d3667133a37172055e97b This is in the sf-rn, sf, and sg datasets.
  3. Blockheight 352548 Coinbase a01b5e45d3624bc0265fb8ab81bb996bf4ffd46ddde45e083fc73e334e776e0d This is only in the sf dataset.
  4. Blockheight 353014 Coinbase 830178aa3b5bfffa0d8e2dc39def5d3e99029ca50aafc5c172e4556f9ac46d1e This is in the sf-rn and au datasets.

In addition, six transactions vanish from the sf-rn and au mempools after the non-orphan 353014: presumably because they spent transactions in the orphan. If you are trying to track mempools, you should remove the following after the non-orphan 353014 (you can remove them unconditionally, since they don't appear on the other nodes):

037b4eadf63584764870bb055a2a8e755145e27a97490f46ede6db841114e14e 2dbb81d73a6d9de85f2b78bcac7e350407a3e737f8d5da7ef1fe9338795fb0cc 989897cac0115001c75d4913ca081b6263de487d20f70b03fcfa1b469144ad39 82f5569c49461bbf1b67a1c7ba09c3a051292f86a5f97f7198ef364436e16dc0 0ccd98b6940795add4bd221eac95de8f8dd92c0f2f5733032d3672d531a5d02a a26ba9c7ebeaebaeb98783c5133e55febc75e4e28945a886c4bc1a94a7cd9260

How It Was Collected

The patch (collection/bitcoin-core-patch.diff) was applied to the bitcoin source. All nodes were variants of the 0.10 pre-release, based on the autoprune pull request (commit 386039510b56ba7a224d009e5deb53f0f5b12274 Author: Alex Morcos The coinbases were identified separately using a hacky shell script on a full txindex node (see collection/coinbases).

The nodes were: sf: Digital Ocean server in San Francisco sg: Digital Ocean server in Singapore au: My scratch box in Adelaide, Australia, behind a wireless network and NATed (twice). sf-rn: Digital Ocean server in San Francisco with RelayNode running.

The intent was to reflect any change in behaviour between a machine behind a remote connection (au) and a well connected machine (sf-rn).

All nodes were re-started around 1429062669 (2015-04-15T01:51:09+0000), and ran for eight days. The results were converted to binary using collection/encode-dump.c.


Please file a github issue, or email me at


Mempool corpus for some bitcoin nodes



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