Interactive CPU path tracer
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Interactive CPU path tracer.

Build Status

On the left: interactive mode, running at about 10 fps on my machine. On the right: accumulative mode, after rendering for a few minutes.

Interactive Accumulative


Hardware: a CPU that supports the AVX instructions is required. In practice this means Sandy Bridge or later. FMA instructions can be taken advantage of too, those are Haswell or later.

Software: a recent nightly version of the Rust programming language is required. Version 1.10 is recommended. On Windows you need the version with the MSVC ABI.

Compiling and Running

  • cargo run --release to build and run the release executable.
  • cargo build --release to build in release mode without running.
  • cargo bench to build and run all benchmarks in release mode.
  • cargo test to build and run all tests in debug mode.

If you do not want to use the FMA instructions, remove the +fma from the codegen options in .cargo/config.


  • Press b to toggle blending recent frames.
  • Press d to toggle debug view. The green channel shows the number of primary AABB intersections, the blue channel shows the number of primary triangle intersections.
  • Press m to toggle the median filter for noise reduction.
  • Press q to quit the application.
  • Press r to switch between realtime and accumulative rendering.
  • Press s to print statistics to the console.
  • Press t to write a trace to trace.json. It can be opened with Chrome by going to chrome://tracing.

About the code

Many structs represent eight instances at once for SIMD. In that case the name has been prefixed with M (for “multi”). The single-instance struct types have the prefix S instead (for “single”).

The most interesting stuff is in src/, src/, and src/, and src/ Shaders are in src/gpu.


Convector is free software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3.