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Open Source version of CoachProxy software
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CoachProxyOS is the Open Source version of the software behind CoachProxy, a device for interfacing with, monitoring, and managing Tiffin motorhomes.

This repository provides a set of Ansible playbooks to create a functioning CoachProxyOS system image from a base Raspberry Pi operating system.

Differences from the commercial CoachProxy Software

CoachProxyOS's RV monitoring and control capabilities are identical to those of the commercial CoachProxy system. However, several changes have been made to make it suitable for an Open Source Project. The major changes are:

  • To enable e-mail notifications, users must configure their own SMTP email server settings in the CoachProxyOS interface (SMTP server, port number, username, and password).
  • To configure WiFi network information, a file must be edited on the boot partition of the CoachProxy operating system image by inserting the microSD card in a computer to edit the file.
  • CoachProxy's memory card was configured with a read-only filesystem to prevent corruption of the SD card, for example if power was lost while a file was being written. This configuration been removed from CoachProxyOS to reduce complexity and make DIY changes easier.


Build_Device: instructions for assembling a CoachProxyOS device from a Raspberry Pi computer.

Build_Image: instructions for creating a CoachProxyOS image from source using Ansible.

Download_Image: instructions for downloading a pre-built image and installing it on a CoachProxyOS device.

Software_Overview: information on how the device and software communicates with an RV, and how the CoachProxyOS software works.

Roadmap: information on what future changes would benefit the project.



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