One-Class SVM implementations for temporal segmentation of human activities
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Temporal segmentation using one-class support vector machines

This Matlab project is used as an experimental setup for the master thesis of Roemer Vlasveld.

One-Class Support Vector Machines?

I have written an Introduction to One-Class Support Vector Machines explaining the idea of One-Class SVM. That should be a good starting point to understand this material.

How to use this

I am planning to write a small how-to on this library, but currently it is under to much development to make that. The function apply_inc_svdd is the main application. There the incremental SVDD (by Tax and Duin) is constructed, from the data set.

What libraries are used?

For the one-class support vector machine, the SVDD method by Tax and Duin is used. This is provided by the dd_tools package, which in turn relies on the PRTools toolbox.