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Install Quicksilver modules for Pantheon into custom locations.
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Quicksilver Composer Installer

Creates a new "type" in Composer for quicksilver-scripts so you can treat them separately in Composer installations. This allows you to include Quicksilver scripts as part of a composer based project on Pantheon[].

To use this custom installer, require it in your project (root-level) composer.json file. Then, any Composer project of type quicksiver-script will be placed in the directory web/private/scripts/quicksilver. This path may be customized in the installer-paths item in extras.

The web/private/scripts/quicksilver path (or your customized path) should be added to your project's .gitignore.

Example composer.json file

  "require": {
    "rvtraveller/qs-composer-installer": "1.0"
  "extra": {
    "installer-paths": {
      "web/private/scripts/quicksilver/{$name}": ["type:quicksilver-script"]
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