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build basic build files
export implemented import/export
img 1. div targets are fixed (id's weren't always the same)
js Merge branch '34' into 34-scratch
layouts set min height on wide layout for video element
ready track edit panel dynamic width
themes fixed wiki css naming error
.gitignore gitignore
LICENSE landing timescale updates
Makefile make
butter.html bullshit fucking canvas tracks having wrong positions
debug.html Application Error message fixed
embed.html set min height on wide layout for video element
index-prev.html stable tracks; have left position issue
index.html stable tracks; have left position issue
readme.markdown restoring lost readme
tryme.ogv adding tryme.ogv, removing /vid/


Butter (Popcorn.js Authoring Application)

Development Preview

Please consider this source release to be an early development preview. This software is not stable, nor does it claim to be stable and is not recommended for production use. All aspects of this software are subject to be changed without notice or regard for previous revision compatibility.

This code has NOT been fully optimized and should not be treated as though it has.

Event emitters within the application are subject to change.


  • Timescale scrolling issues

  • DRY out and abstract export logic

  • Reorganize generated html into reusable Underscore templates

  • Migrate to full viewport fluid layout

  • Rewrite track drawing,

    • Deprecate canvas based version in favor of simplified DIV elements
      • Resizable
      • Drag/Drop Sortable
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