Arduino-based solution for programming PIC microcontrollers.
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Arduino-based PIC programmer

This distribution contains an Arduino-based solution for programming PIC microcontrollers from Microchip Technology Inc, such as the PIC16F628A and friends. The solution has three parts:

  • Circuit that is built on one or more prototyping shields to interface to the PIC and provide the 13V programming voltage.
  • Sketch called ProgramPIC that is loaded into an Arduino to directly interface with the PIC during programming. The sketch implements a simple serial protocol for interfacing with the host.
  • Host program called ardpicprog; a drop-in replacement for picprog that implements the serial protocol and controls the PIC programming process on the computer side.

See the documentation for more information on the project.

Obtaining ardpicprog

The sources for Plang are available from the project git repository. Then read the installation instructions.


For more information on Ardpicprog, to report bugs, or to suggest improvements, please contact the author Rhys Weatherley via email. Patches to support new device types are very welcome.