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Contributions in the last year 5,967 total May 30, 2014 – May 30, 2015
Longest streak 643 days August 26 – May 30
Current streak 643 days August 26 – May 30
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  1. Merged #11310 [FEATURE ember-htmlbars-get-helper] Remove work-around for HTMLBars bug in inline/subexpr. emberjs/ember.js
  2. Merged #356 Allow falsey values from helpers. tildeio/htmlbars
  3. Merged #11304 [BUGFIX release] Fix element space helpers returning attributes with spaces. emberjs/ember.js
  4. Merged #11303 [BUGFIX release] Ensure rootURL is preserved in AutoLocation. emberjs/ember.js
  5. Merged #11298 [BUGFIX beta] Do not trigger style warning for `isVisible`. emberjs/ember.js
  6. Merged #21 Add `Ember.on` export. ember-cli/ember-cli-shims
  7. Open #2 Use custom Ember to fix issue with multiple apps on the same page. cardstack/crosscheck
  8. Merged #11290 [BUGFIX release] Ensure that multiple app event dispatching works properly. emberjs/ember.js
  9. Merged #11286 [BUGFIX beta] Deprecate Ember.EnumerableUtils. emberjs/ember.js
  10. Merged #1 Initial spike showing basic functionality. cardstack/crosscheck
  11. Merged #11281 [BUGFIX beta] Ensure context switching {{each}} deprecation shows when no items present. emberjs/ember.js
  12. Merged #11280 Reenable previously skipped test for `fillIn` helper. emberjs/ember.js
  13. Merged #11279 [BUGFIX beta] Deprecate `{{each foo in bar}}`. emberjs/ember.js
  14. Merged #11274 [BUGFIX beta] Unify AST plugin location display. emberjs/ember.js
  15. Merged #11271 [BUGFIX beta] Remove deprecation for `classBinding` and `classNameBindings`. emberjs/ember.js
  16. Merged #11270 [BUGFIX beta] Ensure view registry is provided to components. emberjs/ember.js
  17. Merged #11267 [FEATURE ember-htmlbars-component-generation] Disabled by default. emberjs/ember.js
  18. Merged #11266 [BUGFIX beta] Ensure `parentView` includes yielding component. emberjs/ember.js
  19. Open #11264 Expose `{{concat}}` helper publicly. emberjs/ember.js
  20. Merged #35 Update simple-dom. tildeio/ember-cli-fastboot
  21. Merged #11262 Fix basic Fastboot usage. emberjs/ember.js

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