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A browser-based debug console for LÖVE
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lovebird.lua Version 0.4.3 May 6, 2017


A browser-based debug console for the LÖVE framework.

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Drop the lovebird.lua file into an existing project and place the following line at the top of your love.update() function:


The console can then be accessed by opening the following URL in a web browser:

If you want to access lovebird from another computer then should be replaced with the IP address of the computer which LÖVE is running on; the IP address of the other computer should be added to the lovebird.whitelist table.

Additional Functionality

To make use of additional functionality, the module can be assigned to a variable when it is required:

lovebird = require "lovebird"

Any configuration variables should be set before lovebird.update() is called.


The port which lovebird listens for connections on. By default this is 8000


A table of hosts which lovebird will accept connections from. Any connection made from a host which is not on the whitelist is logged and closed immediately. If lovebird.whitelist is set to nil then all connections are accepted. The default is { "" }. To allow all computers on the local network access to lovebird, "192.168.*.*" can be added to this table.


Whether lovebird should wrap the print() function or not. If this is true then all the calls to print will also be output to lovebird's console. This is true by default.


Whether lovebird should display inputted commands in the console's output buffer; true by default.


The maximum number of lines lovebird should store in its console's output buffer. By default this is 200.


The interval in seconds that the page's information is updated; this is 0.5 by default.


Whether prints should allow HTML. If this is true then any HTML which is printed will be rendered as HTML; if it false then all HTML is rendered as text. This is false by default.


Prints its arguments to lovebird's console. If lovebird.wrapprint is set to true this function is automatically called when print() is called.


Clears the contents of the console, returning it to an empty state.

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