Minimal golang binding to V8
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Minimal golang binding to V8. This exposes a non-blocking message passing interface to the V8 javascript engine. Go and JavaScript interact by sending and receiving messages. V8 will block a thread (goroutine) only while it computes javascript - it has no "syscalls" other than sending and receiving messages to Go. There are only a few built in functions exposed to javascript: $print(string), $send(msg), $recv(callback), $sendSync(msg), and $recvSync(callback)

A slightly out of date presentation on this project

MIT License. Contributions welcome.


You will need chrome's depot_tools to build. Follow the instructions here

Run make to trigger a download and build of V8. make install will trigger go install. V8 is statically linked. It's only been tested on my OSX laptop and x64 linux. Should be portable with some difficulty to windows.

make test to build/run tests. Or just go test.

To build a debug version use target=x64.debug make


From golang checkout the API here:

From Javascript you only have: $print(string) $send(msg) $recv(callback). $sendSync(msg). $recvSync(callback). See worker_test.go for example usage for now.


  • need ability to pass command line options to V8 when creating a worker (maybe before)
  • get text of exception