Freeze a belongs_to association in Active Record.
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= Association Freezer

Freeze an Active Record belongs_to association to ignore any future changes.

== Install

First specify it in your Rails config.

	config.gem 'ryanb-association-freezer', :lib => 'association_freezer', :source => ''

And then install it.

  rake gems:install

Follow the instructions below to finish setup. Rails 2.1 or later 

== Scenario

Let's say we have an Order model with a couple belongs_to associations 
for setting the billing and shipping address.

  class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :shipping_address, :class_name => 'Address'
    belongs_to :billing_address, :class_name => 'Address'
    # ...

Consider this scenario. A user comes to the site and places an order. 
Then he comes back a month later and changes his address. Now our Order 
model is incorrect, it will point to this new address instead of the 
old one he placed the order with.

There's a couple ways to solve this, one is to create a new Address 
model whenever one edits the address. Another is to freeze the address 
attributes upon placing an order so it isn't effected when the original 
Address changes. This gem will help with the latter.

== Usage

First you need to generate a binary (or blob) column to hold each 
frozen assoiation. The name of the column must start with "frozen_" and 
end with the association name. You can do that with a migration like 

  script/generate migration add_frozen_addresses_to_orders \
    frozen_billing_address:binary frozen_shipping_address:binary

Next, enable the association freezer on your model. This must be done 
AFTER the associations have been specified.

  class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :shipping_address, :class_name => 'Address'
    belongs_to :billing_address, :class_name => 'Address'

Now you can freeze the association at will:

  # in order
  def purchase

When freezing an association, the attributes will be set to the frozen 
column. However, the model is not saved automatically, so you must call 
save at some point after freezing.

Here's where the magic starts. Now when you fetch the frozen 
association (order.billing_address), the association freezer will step 
in and return an Address model which is built from the attributes in 
the frozen column, not the attributes in the addresses table. 
Therefore, any changes to the address will not effect the order's 
address. "freeze" is called on the model before returning it to prevent 
accidentally altering the data.

You can also unfreeze an already frozen association if you want it to 
use the database record instead.


You can then freeze it again to use the updated attributes.

== Alternative Usage

Not only is this gem good at handling the situation above, but it can 
also be used as a caching technique. If the belongs_to association is 
frequently accessed, it can be more efficient to freeze (cache) it to 
remove the need for a database call. Of course with this approach you 
want it to stay in sync with the database, so you'll need to expire the 
cache (refreeze the association) whenever the associated model changes.

== Development

This project can be found on github at the following URL.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please fork the 
repository and send me a pull request.