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can? with additional parameters #48

campbell opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Pete Campbell Ryan Bates JIANG Peng
Pete Campbell

I'm wondering why we cannot (or should not) pass in additional parameters to can?, eg
can? :manage, result, arbitrary_parameter1, arbitrary_parameter2

can :manage, Result do |action, result, arb_param1, arb_param2|
  arb_param1 == 'blue' || arb_param2 == 42

This seems like a more flexible version of Accessing Request Data because the arbitrary parameters don't have to be included in the ApplicationController code.

Gist example of CAN? with arbitrary parameters

Ryan Bates

That's a good suggestion, and considering the number of votes I can see others are interested in seeing this. I'll work on bringing this behavior in.


Have this feature implemented? I need exactly the same functionality.

Robin Wenglewski rweng referenced this issue from a commit in arcanio/cancan
Paul Alexander phallguy Cleaning up for @bryanrite #48 11dae7c
This issue was closed.
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