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Crest helps you troubleshoot REST insterfaces.

Hopefully, it helps you smile while you do it too.


Well, clone this repo.

Then, you'll probably need to npm install some stuff. Stuff like:

  • jquery
  • restler
  • util
  • jsdom

With the dependencies installed, you should be able to do

node crest.js

And you'll be greeted with the =) prompt.


The idea with crest is that you can do basic rest operations very easily and get results.

jQuery is available at $, restler is available at rest, and jsdom (jsdom) is also available. So, you can do or rest.get or $(selector).each(...).

But you need a few of the builtin commands to make jQuery really useful. Like this bad boy:


You can use .load to load in the contents of a webpage into the jQuery context.

.load // loads the google homepage url into the jQuery $ context.
var $input = $('input'); // selects inputs from the homepage and makes them available at $input.

So that one's nice. What else is there?


I usually use this when I just need to quick see the contents of an api endpoint. It will also load the contents into result.

// result will now contain the json object returned by that api call


Will append further calls to .load or .get with this site domain name. So,

.get /feeds/api/standardfeeds/most_popular?v=2&alt=json
// same as the above example of .get.


Prints the current site to the console.


Adds basic auth credentials to all further calls within rest. Useful when you need the credential your api calls.

.creds username password
// sends basicauth credentials "username:password" with further rest calls


Ask, email, fork this repo, submit pull requests, etc.


crest is heavily inspired by the work done by Dav Glass and presented in YUI Theater. And of course, Ryan Dahl's nodejs is awesome.