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Uses Packer and Vagrant to create a local MDT lab leveraging Automation Framework Community Edition running on Virtual Box.


Creates the following

  • 2019 Datacenter image created via Packer
  • 2019 Domain controller via Vagrant
  • 2019 MDT server via Vagrant
    • DHCP server and scope
    • AFCE installed
    • WDS (Windows Deployment Services) installed, patched and configured

Big thanks


The following needs to be done on the local PC:

  • Clone git clone or download this repo
  • Download and copy a Windows 2019 Eval ISO to repo dir (eg "C:\mdt-lab-vagrant")
  • Virtualbox installed
  • Vagrant installed
  • Packer installed

Note: All these can be installed with choco

#Install choco if needed
Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor 3072; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

choco install -y virtualbox packer vagrant

Vagrant Plugins

vagrant plugin install vagrant-windows-sysprep

Packer Plugins

choco install packer-provisioner-windows-update

Build Windows 2019 Image

First we need to build the 2019 Datacenter image using Packer. This can take awhile.

cd packer
packer build -only=windows-2019-amd64-virtualbox windows-2019.json
#When completed
vagrant box add --name "windows-2019-amd64" -f

Virtual Box Setup

While the image builds we can adjust our virtual box network and create our temp machine


DHCP must be disabled on the Virtual Box host-only network



Test VM

This VM will be used to actually test MDT with

  • Create a new VM


  • Adjust memory anything you can spare. 2GB should work.

  • Create a new virtual disk with VDI (format doesn't really matter)

    • Dynamically allocated
    • Suggest 40gb plus for size
  • After machine is created select Settings and Network on the left

    • Set adapter 1 to host-only


    • Set adapter 2 to NAT (this will allow internet access)


Run Vagrant

This will deploy the environment using the Packer image created earlier

#If still in Packer dir
cd ..
#From repo root
#may need to run as admin
vagrant up


  • Once the Vagrant deployment is complete you can access the MDT server with vagrant rdp mdt or vagrant powershell mdt
  • mylab\vagrant can be used for authentication
    • Configured as Domain and Enterprise admin
  • Local administrator password is set to P@ssw0rd

Test MDT

  • Boot your test VM and
  • Cancel the intial boot disk screen (only shows once)
  • Press F12 at the bios screen
  • Select l to boot from lan
  • PXE process should pickup from here
  • Happy labbing

Power environment down

vagrant halt

Destroy Environment

vagrant destroy -f


Automation Framework (MDT) Vagrant Lab






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