Rails app template: auth, seo, bootstrap, forms, gravtar, etc
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Libraries included in this rails app (from speedrail boilerplate):

  • User authentication via Devise
  • Design via Bootstrap + Sass
  • Easy user inputs with simple_form
  • Safely store ENV variables with Figaro
  • Responsive toggle navbar w/ logic for login, signup, settings
  • Upload-free user avatars with gravatarify
  • SEO toolbelt via metamagic
  • Rename your app in 1 command with Rename
  • Increased debugging power with Pry and Better Errors
  • Document upload management via Paperclip + S3
  • Seed your DB in seconds via Seed Dump
  • Production-ready DB setup via postgres
  • Google Analytics with Turbolinks support


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run gem install bundle && bundle install
  3. Run rails db:setup && rails db:migrate to create db and included Users table
  4. To use Figaro / application.yml, run bundle exec figaro install

Additional Options

  1. Configure AWS S3 in config/application.rb
  2. New Reg/Sessions controllers override Devise, prepend 'super' to your custom action logic
  3. Put your UA-XXX property code for Google Analytics in shared/footer
  4. Install Sendgrid add-on (Heroku), visit settings to disable click, open tracking and enable subscription tracking