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Module that imports data from CSV files to create ProcessWire pages.
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This is a ProcessWire module that allows you to import CSV files to create pages. 


1. Place the file ImportPagesCSV.module in your /site/modules/ directory. 

2. In ProcessWire admin, click to 'Modules' and 'Check for new modules'. 

3. Click 'install next to the 'Import Pages CSV' module (under heading 'Import'). 

Importing file fields
There is support for FieldtypeFile (and FieldtypeImage). File field should contain full path and filename
or the URL to the file you want to import. For fields that support multiple files, place each filename
or URL on it's own line, OR separate them by | (pipe) OR tab ... whatever you prefer.

Importing page fields (requires ProcessWire 2.5.17+)
For single-value page fields the CSV imported value can be the page id, path, title, or name.
For multi-value page fields, the value can be the same but multiple-values should be separated by 
either a newline in the column, or a pipe "|" character. 


Visit the ProcessWire form at

Copyright 2011-2015 by Ryan Cramer for ProcessWire

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