tab completion for tmux sessions
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tat - tmux attach utility


tat [session_name | new_session_name]


Tab completion for tmux sessions.

Quickly open new tmux sessions in your project's dir.


git clone git:// ~/path/to/tat
echo "source ~/path/to/tat/" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export CODE_ROOT_DIRS=\"/home/you/code\"" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export CODE_ROOT_DIRS=\"/home/you/other_code_dir:$CODE_ROOT_DIRS\"" >> ~/.bashrc


Use the tab key to open an existing session.

$ tat [TAB]
open_session_1 open_session_2

Arguments that are passed to tat will be used to create a new session. Tat will open a new tmux session and set the default path to the found dir.

$ tat my_project
$ pwd


There are popular tmux helpers on github. They require ruby and yaml file. No thanks! It is my opinion that bash is the right tool for the job here. UNIX doesn't care about yaml.


tat(1) assumes you have your code in "root" directories. We use find(1) to scan (with max-depth=1) the directories to find one that matches your argument to tat(1).