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Grails Plugin for Twilio

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A Grails Plugin for Interacting with Twilio


You will need to update your config.groovy with a section for twilio like that below

twilio {
	account {
		sid = 'XXXXXXX'
		auth_token = 'XXXXX'
	sms {
		enable_status_callback = true  // set this to false if you DON'T want twilio to send ACK requests to your application
	phones {
		main = '+16175551212'
	proxy {
		host = "www"
		port = "80"
		method = "http" // or https
		auth {
			username = "foo"
			password = "bar"

Remember that the main phone will need to be your twilio Sandbox number, and that you can only send messages from
that number to verified twilio numbers.  This restriction doesn't exist for purchased Twilio numbers.

SmsService is responsible for sending SMS messages.  See the SmsController for example usage.
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