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(note)book markd(own)

Write markdown, use notebooks

With bookmarkd you can use any text editor you like to write markdown with Python code blocks and render them as an IPython notebook.

This README can be converted to a notebook using the command bookmarkd convert README.ipynb


## markdown -> notebook
$ bookmarkd convert foo.ipynb
## notebook -> markdown
$ bookmarkd convert foo.ipynb
## notebook -> markdown using nbconvert
$ ipython nbconvert --to markdown foo.ipynb

# receive markdown via stdin
$ bookmarkd convert - foo.ipynb
# output notebook on stdout
$ bookmarkd convert -

Code blocks are converted to IPython notebook cells, and each markdown section between code blocks is made into a markdown cell in the notebook. To manually separate markdown into cells, separate blocks with horizontal rules (---).

The --no-join-blocks option will force each markdown block to become its own cell in the notebook.

Let's see some Python now!

print "Hello World"

This is how blocks separated by --- are rendered

They become separate markdown cells instead of being merged together.

Now let's see some more Python.

print "Hello" + " " + "World"


Please see the Code of Conduct for contributors. Pull requests are welcome, but please include some docs for your change. You can do this either in the README or in bookmarkd --help.


Bookmarkd is made available under the GNU Affero General Public License, see LICENSE.txt for details.