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font dragr


Font dragr is a @font-face testing web app that allows you to test fonts right in the browser. Whether it's from your file system or from the font dragr gallery you can easily test in multiple browsers how a font will look.

In supporting browsers1 you can simply drag and drop a font file right into the browser and it will render for you to test away.


The font dragr bookmarklet2 allows you to test custom fonts on any website either from the font dragr gallery or by dropping a font from your file system1 into a page with the bookmarklet loaded.

1. Works in FF3.6+, Chrome 6+ and IE10 PP2.
2. Github doesn't like bookmarklets so go to the font dragr homepage and get it off there.

Run it locally

You can get a copy of font dragr running on your local environment following these steps:

  1. Install Node.js, Yeoman v1.0 and PhantomJS.
  2. Run npm install and bower install --dev to get all dependencies.
  3. Run grunt server to spin up instance of font dragr.
  4. Run grunt test to run unit tests.

This project doesnt include the gallery files found on font dragr live site but dropping font files from your file system will work fine in supporting browsers.

Built with Source Map support

Source maps allow you to map your combined files back to their original state.


See something that can be improved, want a feature added or you've found a bug?

Feature or bug fix

  1. Fork the project and make your changes or write a fix for that bug you found.
  2. Create a pull request and smile :)

Found a bug or want to request a feature?

  • File an issue with as much information as possible in the issue section of the project
  • Hit me up on twitter @ryanseddon


Copyright 2013, Ryan Seddon This content is released under the MIT license http://ryanseddon.mit-license.org