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Sunrise effect using a Lifx lightbulb

Using their Ruby gem I create a script that simulates a sunrise effect in time with my alarm.


I dive into more detail in my article if you're interested in getting this up and running yourself.


If you want to run this your self follow these steps


All you need to do on your computer which will be triggering the script is have the following

  1. RVM installed as the script will trigger bundle exec ruby
  2. If copying and pasting the bash script you'll need to make sure you pass the correct label your light has.

Clone this github repo to your machine and run bundle install inside the directory.

If that all works I would suggest running the script to see if it picks up your light and goes through the 2 minuted sunrise simulation.

bundle exec ruby path/to/

To setup the alarm you configure a cron job by running the following command:

crontab path/to/sunrise.txt

This will setup two tasks the first will trigger the sunrise script at 6:28am and the second will recalibrate the light and turn it off at 6:45am. To change these times open up the sunrise.txt file and edit the times there. You'll also need to make sure the path to the script is correct.


Mostly the same steps but instead of using a cron job you can use the windows task scheduler.


Copyright 2014, Ryan Seddon This content is released under the MIT license


Simulate a sunrise effect using the Lifx ruby gem



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