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A Tabletop Generator Unlike Any Other 🎲

Eigengrau's Essential Establishment Generator, or EEEG for short, is a tabletop procedural generation tool for towns, npcs, and more. It creates paragraphs of text suitable to be read directly to the players during a game. No longer do you have to simply describe a generic, unnamed tavern as "small"- this is the sort of stuff that you can read out instead:

What It's For

  • Generate thousands of unique towns for table play
  • Create new plothooks for games
  • Generate new NPCs to flesh out existing places
  • Help new and veteran DMs come up with fresh ideas for their table

Live Build 🚀

Go to to see the most current live build of EEEG in action!

NOTE: The live build is often several weeks or months behind the current build here on GitHub. Compile the generator locally to see all the latest features and updates!

Docker image

You can build a Docker image to run EEEG in a container, using Node's http-server as a static HTTP server.

  1. Clone the git repository and cd into it.
  2. Run docker build --tag eeeg:latest . to build an image.
  3. Run docker run -p 8080:80 eeeg:latest to start the image. This will bind the container's port 80 to the host's port 8080, so pick something else if you are already using 8080 for something.
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080 to see the live build.

Community 👪

Support me on Patreon

Subreddit subscribers


Join our Discord to talk about the project in real time

  • Learn more about the project
  • Ask questions and learn from other contributors
  • Show off your work


The Discord is where the main realtime discussion happens- GitHub Discussions is for more in-depth discussion about future features.

Also consider joining the subreddit.

Contributing ✒️

GitHub issues

GitHub pull requests

GitHub contributors GitHub commit activity

We love getting pull requests! You can find out more about contributing to the project here.

You will need a recent version of NodeJS, as well as Yarn, which you can install by running npm install -g yarn once you have NodeJS installed.

Once you've cloned the project, run yarn install to install the required dependencies.

You will also need to download Tweego. You can do so so either by running yarn install-compiler, or by downloading it from here. and placing the contents inside /Eigengrau-s-Essential-Establishment-Generator/.twine. if the .twine folder does not already exist, just create one.

  • Use yarn test to run tests.
  • Use yarn build to build the output files. (Note that this will return a File Not Found error, but it is working) The entire thing will output to the /gh-pages folder as the index.html file.
  • Use yarn start to start a development build that automatically rebuilds on file changes (Note that this will complain about circular dependency issues, but will work just fine).

If you don't want to code, that's okay! The Generator is built out of a novel's worth of words, and we're always in need of more descriptions. You can find writing tasks here.

You can also find easy work to do on the generator here.

Built With 🔨

If you can't contribute pull requests consider supporting the Generator through Patreon

We hope that you find it useful!