Config generator for chaos vpn
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ar.c Use string_ensurez() instead of string_putc() with a zero byte. Oct 22, 2013
ar.h Use a copy of ar.h. Jun 27, 2012 Backend: disabled cleartext configfile in webtree Apr 12, 2010 mark the old perl script as clearly obsolete Dec 13, 2009
chaosvpn.conf chaosvpn.conf for linux: Added "up" parameter to ifconfig call, Dec 5, 2013 First Apple/OSX config file, plus "make appleinstall" installation ta… Feb 7, 2013
chaosvpn.conf.freebsd chaosvpn.conf.freebsd: make comment about $tincd_device easier to und… Feb 7, 2013
chaosvpn.conf.openbsd chaosvpn.conf.openbsd: Include latest changes from linux chaosvpn.conf Jul 12, 2013
chaosvpn.h Tinc 1.1pre Ed25519 public key integration into generated hosts file. Dec 4, 2014
chaosvpn.spec Updated chaosvpn.spec from Frank Botte Sep 20, 2012
config.c correctly init config->ed25519publickey Dec 5, 2014
crypto.c OpenSSL 1.1.0 compile fix. Nov 2, 2016
cvconf.l tinc 1.1pre support: Starting with current git (and 1.1pre7) the binary Apr 13, 2013
cvconf.y warning: duplicate const May 24, 2011
daemon.c Allow $tincd_bin to be specified as a relative path, searching for it… Feb 8, 2013
freebsd.rc.d FreeBSD rc.d script, untested for now. Jul 17, 2012
fs.c Removed union from struct string Dec 5, 2014
list.h Restored original list.h - can we please refrain from fiddling with s… Nov 29, 2009
log.c Don't use syslog functions on Windows. Jun 27, 2012
main.c Minor log message change. Oct 23, 2016
parser.c Replaced central config ecdsapublickey= with ed25519publickey= Aug 7, 2014
pidfile.c pidfile_create_pidfile(): remove dynamic memory allocation, just use … May 27, 2011
strnatcmp.c Adding strnatcmp() Mar 7, 2010
strnatcmp.h add guard #ifdef against double inclusion to all include files and make Mar 10, 2010
test_addrmask.c test_addrmask: trying to fix some netbsd compile failures Oct 22, 2013
tinc.c tinc_write_subnetupdown(): Fixed regex to also match subnet definitio… Dec 26, 2014
tun.c More OSX workarounds. Feb 7, 2013
uncompress.c Paranoia Nov 30, 2010
version.h Open next dev version. Oct 23, 2016
warzone.conf Remove the name "Agora-Link" - it only confuses to have two names Jan 20, 2012


This repository contains the config generator for the ChaosVPN. For
information on how to join the ChaosVPN, read INSTALL.

It is intended to be small enough for embedded routing devices
which runs OpenWRT as well as standard x86 hardware.

More information about the ChaosVPN is available at:

You can report bugs on github: