A vim script to provide a ropevim omnicomplete function.
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Ropevim Omnicompleter

An omni-completer for python using rope and ropevim. Designed to work nicely with supertab.

This code uses a lot of internal functions, etc. from rope and ropemode so it is likely to break. You have been warned.

Created by Ryan Wooden (rygwdn at gmail dot com)

This plugin requires ropevim. You can install it with pip install ropevim or easy_install ropevim.


This plugin should be easily installed with pathogen or similar. If you're not using something like that, just place the files in the appropriate directory in your ~/.vim directory.

Once installed, you can enable it by putting something like this in your .vimrc::
autocmd FileType python setlocal omnifunc=RopeCompleteFunc