A simple web application to allow people to register biological sample kits.
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Teams have the following fields :
    id                  : database key
    name                : unique team name
    teamname            : full team name
    city                : city
    state               : state
    country             : country
    leader              : list of users who are team leaders

Users have the following fields :
    id                  : database key
    username            : unique username
    password            : password hash
    realname            : user's real name
    city                : city
    state               : state or province
    country             : country
    team                : user's team
    avitar              : path to avitar

Records have the following fields :

    id                  : database key
    sample_id           : sample reference id, created on sample receipt
    qrcode              : the qrcode, created when kit is assembled
    user                : the username of the submitter
    date                : time of collection
    lat                 : latitude
    lng                 : longitude
    surface_material    : metal, wood, plastic, glass, stone
    surface_condition   : smooth, rough, crumbly
    surface_humidity    : dry, humid, damp, wet
    context_type        : business, school, vehicle, park, wilderness
    inorout             : indoors, outdoors
    direct_sunlight     : yes, no
    temp                : temperature
    closeup             : path to closeup photo
    closeup_thumb       : path to closeup thumbnail
    context             : path to context photo
    context_thumb       : path to context thumbnail
    name                : short name for sample
    description         : extended description
    audited             : yes, no (sample has been reviewed & accepted)