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Aegisub merger

Implementation of Aegisub files(.ass) merging program.

How to use

Use option --folder or --files to supecify which files to merge. When you use --folder option, all files inside the folder will be merged. Use --output to specify the name of output file. (default is merged_subtitle.ass) You can use --setpos option to make the position of subtitles same which were set position in the original file. For example, by using --setpos 10 10 option,

{\pos(0, 0)} subtitle1
subtitle 2


subtitle 3
{\pos(1, 1)}subtitle4

will become like this:

{\pos(10, 10)} subtitle1
subtitle 2
subtitle 3
{\pos(10, 10)}subtitle4

Subtitles will be sorted by time.


If you want to merge subtitle1.ass and subtitle2.ass, run the program as follows:

python --files subtitle1.ass subtitle2.ass

If you wan to merge all files in file1:

python --folder file1
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