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Build Status

Installer for raspimouse_sim

supported version of ROS

  • Indigo
  • Kinetic
  • Melodic

how to use

A catkin workspace should be prepared beforehand.

Simply, just run

$ bash -exv -c "$(curl -sSfL"

on your terminal.

Also, you can clone this repository and run

$ ./install.bash

on your terminal.

how to check

Launch the simulator by

$ roslaunch raspimouse_gazebo raspimouse_with_samplemaze.launch 

and do

$ rosrun raspimouse_control

on another terminal.


This code is derived from .travis.yml of rt-net/raspimouse_sim.

Gazebo model download scripts are derived from How to download all Gazebo models - HOME PAGE OF HELIO PERRONI FILHO.