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An application for comparing the ratio of cryptocurrency prices.

Aim --

A simple ui for comparing prices of cryptocurrency.

  • Technical - I am using api for getting the real time data. I also used simple html,css and javascript for creating this application. And using http-server for just serving the files.
  • Non-technical - I have seen many application for comparing the cryptocurrency, but none of them provide the mentioned functionality or good ui.

What were you trying to achieve ?

The application that i envisioned at the starting of this hackathon was much larger including comparing algorithms and, asic and gpu machines. But due to time constraint, i was able to finish only some of them.

What were some of the problems that you ran into?

I didn’t used any frontend framework for making this application, so as a result some of the files are quite long. But the code is pretty clean. I had a little bit problem while managing it, but it was fun. So, i took the challenge.

What was the end outcome?

A platform for seeing prices related to different cryptocurrency and comparing them with respect to each other and also with fiat currency. Make notes of prices at different stages in log section, clear logs.

How did your team work to build what you made?

I was the only one in my team so as a result I had some sleepless night while making this project. I finished a functioning prototype in 4 days (7-9 hrs coding/ each day) and 1 day refactoing and adding comments to the project. Overall a good experience, thanks for this opportunity of contributing to your community :)


for comparing the ratio of cryptocurrency prices.



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