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edocs --- Extract and format documentation from file(s)

Generate formatted description of a module.  Currently it makes a
simple HTML export of the Commentary and all the docstrings in a
file.  It is meant to be used as a batch operation, like so:

: emacs -batch -l edocs.el -f edocs-generate-batch file.el

Each paragraph of text is exported using `org-mode', currently
requiring at least org version 8.

There is `edocs-generate' which can be used to generate a buffer of
the HTML output of the module it's run in interactively, but it is
not meant as the main entry-point for edocs.  The function
`edocs-generate-batch' is the main entry-point of edocs, it is
supposed to be run as a batch procedure as shown above.

== API

-- Variable: edocs-stylesheet-location 

The location of the CSS used by the exported HTML.

By default it uses `style.css'.  This can be changed to any value
which can be used as the `href' attribute of a `style' tag as it
is placed verbatim in one.

-- Variable: edocs-generate-only-body 

Whether to generate only the body and no header/footer info.

In case the output of edocs is to be embedded into some other
HTML or similar file this option can be changed so that no HTML
header of footer tags are output.  Any non-nil value will
suppress these tags.  The default is nil.

-- Variable: edocs-private-regexp 

Regular expression to identify private parts of a module's API.

Some modules (such as this one) differentiate between public and
private parts of the API.  This regular expression is used to
identify symbols that are supposed to be private to the module,
and are not meant to be used outside the module.  The default is
`--', which matches any symbol with two hyphens such as

-- Variable: edocs-exporter 

The exporter to use when exporting docs.

-- Class: edocs-ascii-exporter 

An exporter that produces ascii text.

-- Class: edocs-html-exporter 

An exporter that produces html text.

-- Function: edocs-generate (&optional exporter)

Generate nice-looking documentation for a module or file.

Markup is handled by `org-mode' exporting functions.  This
command is used both as an interactive command to test the output
of this module and called by the `edocs-generate-batch' function
to generate the actual output.  This command outputs its result
into a buffer called `*edocs*' and switches to that buffer.

-- Function: edocs-generate-batch ()

Generate module docs as a batch operation.

This function maps over `command-line-args-left' and tries to
export the documentation for each file to a file with the same
name, except for the extension replaced with `.html'.  This
function uses the `edocs-generate' command to actually generate
the HTML.

Options which affect the export of module documentation (such as
`edocs-stylesheet-location') can be changed using the `-eval'
command line argument to Emacs.  For example:

: emacs -batch -l edocs.el -eval "(setq edocs-generate-only-body t)" \
:     -f edocs-generate-batch file.el