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Femtowiki is a tiny wiki written in golang. It allows users to create pages using markdown. The wiki has few dependencies and uses very little javascript. It doesn't need a database system and can also be used as a static site generator. Try the latest version hosted here. Please contact if you have any questions or want support.

How to use

Download the binary.

  • To use this as a static site generator, do the following:

Create a few markdown files (with extension .md) in a directory, say /home/user/wikiroot/.

Then, run:

./femtowiki -wikiroot <path/to/wikiroot>

A HTML file is created for every markdown file using a default template (see templates/ in this repo). To specify custom templates, use:

./femtowiki -wikiroot <path/to/wikiroot> -templateroot <path/to/templates>
  • If you'd like to be able to edit the wiki in a browser, then create a new user with:

TODO: Current version does not yet support this!

./femtowiki -createuser -users <path/to/wikiusers.json>

Start the server:

./femtowiki -wikiroot <path/to/wikiroot> -users <path/to/wikiusers.json> -serve


  • Go 1.8 (only for compiling)


  • -addr <port>: Use ./femtowiki -addr :8086 to listen on port 8086.
  • -wikiroot <path/to/wikiroot>: Specify directory containing markdown files.
  • -templateroot <path/to/templateroot>: Specify directory containing template files.
  • -users <path/to/users.json>: Specify file containing list of users.


  • -help: Show a list of all commands and options.
  • -createuser: Create a new user.
  • -changepasswd: Change password of a user.
  • -serve: Run the online editor.