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Bug fixes and Test + Build upgrade

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@s-yadav s-yadav released this 01 Jun 13:33

Test and Build improvements

  • Migrated test suite to vite, JSdom and react testing library, from Jasmine and Karma. Plus, a lot of fixes around the false negative test. Shout out to @aashu16
  • A couple of build improvements @aashu16
  • Unnecessary files are no longer included on npm package. Fixes #840
  • Added a better way to find change range which fixes issues around duplicate subsequent characters giving incorrect change range causing inconsistent caret positioning.

API Improvements
onValueChange now fires always if there is any change on the input, weather update comes from props or user events. This makes the callback more predictable. Fixed #812, Thanks to @rfviolato

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue when complete text is selected and replaced with new value in pattern format. It was it was incorrectly pasting value.
  • Fix key press after selection over masked area. #839