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a poc framework to test hosts via zoomeye sdk
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Download the s0m3poc to your local computer and use python to start use it.

Please config your account in first:

You can type in help to look for help.

You can use set command to set parameters.

If you want to search through zoomeye, you can use it just like below:
set query <query> : to set the query you want to search through zoomeye.
set pages <pagenum> : to set how many pages you want to serch. Default is 10.
set facets <facets> : to set what do you want to return. Default is only IP.
set port <True or False> : to set wehther you want to return a ip with port num, for example:

If you want to test for a single ip or url, you can set it like below:
set target <target> to set the ip you want to test.
set payload <payload> : select which poc file you want to use.

Use show options to confirm what you have configured.

All the poc files should be found in payloads folder. You can use show payloads to check all the payloads you can use.

exploit command would start to run the payload.

Use exit to exit the program.

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