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package ipdata /* import "" */
import (
// IPData is a struct that contains information about a particular IP address
type IPData struct {
IPAddress string `json:"ip_address,omitempty"`
Hostname string `json:"hostname,omitempty"`
ISP string `json:"isp,omitempty"`
CountryCode string `json:"country_code,omitempty"`
CountryName string `json:"country_name,omitempty"`
RegionCode string `json:"region_code,omitempty"`
RegionName string `json:"region_name,omitempty"`
City string `json:"city,omitempty"`
ZipCode string `json:"zip_code,omitempty"`
TimeZone string `json:"time_zone,omitempty"`
GeoHash string `json:"geohash,omitempty"`
Latitude float64 `json:"latitude,omitempty"`
Longitude float64 `json:"longitude,omitempty"`
MetroCode uint `json:"metro_code,omitempty"`
// Lookup performs the task of retrieving and returning the users IP address
// info
func (c *Client) Lookup(ipStr string) *IPData {
// Reverse lookup the passed IP to retrieve any hostname that exists
var hostname string
if hs, _ := net.LookupAddr(ipStr); len(hs) > 0 {
hostname = hs[0][:len(hs[0])-1]
// Parse the IP address string passed
ip := net.ParseIP(ipStr)
// Lock and defer unlock the client to prevent concurrent read/write
// Lookup the Geo and ASN info from the stored client dbs
var asn ASN
var city City
c.asn.Lookup(ip, &asn), &city)
// Populate and return a fully populated ipdata
t := IPData{
IPAddress: ip.String(),
Hostname: hostname,
ISP: asn.Organization,
CountryCode: city.Country.ISOCode,
CountryName: city.Country.Names["en"],
City: city.City.Names["en"],
ZipCode: city.Postal.Code,
TimeZone: city.Location.TimeZone,
Latitude: city.Location.Latitude,
Longitude: city.Location.Longitude,
MetroCode: city.Location.MetroCode,
GeoHash: geohash.Encode(city.Location.Latitude,
if len(city.Region) > 0 {
t.RegionCode = city.Region[0].ISOCode
t.RegionName = city.Region[0].Names["en"]
return &t