A command line admin tool for S9y.
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Metatron – CLI tool for S9y

A command line tool (written in PHP) for developers and admins of Serendipity.

Documentation now lives here.

Build Status


There are two ways to install Metatron.

Install the metatron.phar file

Download the phar file to your Serendipity root directory:

wget https://raw.github.com/s9y/Metatron/master/metatron.phar

Install Metatron from source using Composer

$ git clone https://github.com/s9y/Metatron # Clone the git repository
$ cd Metatron
$ curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php # Download Composer
$ php ./composer.phar install # Use Composer to install all dependencies


Metatron has been tested on Linux and PHP 5.4.9/5.5.3, but should run in other environments and at least PHP 5.3.3.

If you use Suhosin, you should probably add/edit the following line to its config (e.g. /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/suhosin.ini)

suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = php phar


Right now, there are only a few commands. Change to your Serendipity root directory and make sure you have read permissions to serendipity_config_local.inc.php.

You get a list of all available commands by entering:

$ php metatron.phar list

If you need help running a command, type:

$ php metatron.phar help <command>

Keeping Metatron up to date

As of version 0.1.1, Metatron is able to update itself to the latest version. Just run

$ php metatron.phar self-update


Serendipity version

Prints the current S9y version.

$ php metatron.phar diag:version

Information about the current installation

Prints basic information about the current S9y installation.

$ php metatron.phar diag:version

Retrieve S9y config values

Prints the value of one or more Serendipity config keys where the optional argument name is the name of the config key. Setting the search option list all config keys that contain name.

$ php metatron.phar diag:config [-s|--search] [name]


List users

Lists all users in the system. You can enter an optional username.

$ php metatron.phar user:list [username]

Set new password for user

Set new password for user. Opens a dialog where you must enter the user's new password twice.

$ php metatron.phar user:password username


Flush cache

Flushes cache directory. You can enter an optional cache directory (Default: templates_c).

$ php metatron.phar cache:flush [dir]


List comments

Lists all comments, or the last X comments.

$ php metatron.phar comment:list [limit]

Approve comments

List and approve comments, or approve a single comment by id. This will most certainly change in future versions.

$ php metatron.phar comment:approve [commentid]


List plugins

Lists installed plugins, optional types are 'event' and 'sidebar'.

$ php metatron.phar plugin:list [type]

Metatron configuration file

As of version 0.2.0, Metatron will save certain settings in a configuration file metatron_config.yml.

Setting config values

Sets a value for a specific key.

$ php metatron.phar config:set key value



Dump database

Creates a dump of the blog's database, schema only or full with data. Optionally gzipped. Requires a backup directory to be set first.

$ php metatron.phar backup:db:dump [--type[="..."]] [--gzipped]


If you want to contribute to Metatron, you're invited to fork the repository and open a Pull Request.

  • Make sure you have Composer and Phing installed
  • Clone the repository into the Serendipity web root, e.g. git clone https://github.com/s9y/Metatron.git
  • Next, cd Metatron && composer install --dev to install the dependencies
  • You should always create a new version of the metatron.phar PHAR archive after you finished by simply calling phing (make sure that phar.readonly = Off in your php.ini)
  • To run commands from the Serendipity web root, either symlink the metatron.phar PHAR archive or call php Metatron/console.php [options] command [arguments] as root

If you find a bug in Metatron, please file an issue. Metatron is currently in an alpha state and should not be used on production servers! You have been warned ;)

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit the Serendipity forum.


In order to run the tests provided in the repository, from the Metatron root directory run:

$ phpunit --bootstrap tests/bootstrap.php --configuration tests/phpunit.xml `pwd`/tests/Serendipity/

You need to have PHPUnit (3.7) installed.


Metatron would not be possible without the Symfony2 Console Component, the Composer dependency manager for PHP, and the Patchwork library for testing user-defined functions.


Metatron is released under the BSD License. See the bundles LICENSE file for details.