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random cherrypy version #47

hasufell opened this Issue Jun 21, 2012 · 7 comments

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The bundled cherrypy version is random and does not match any release version (at least I could not find it), nor does it completely match any of the mentioned svn revs in VERSION.txt.

This makes it impossible to unbundle it, because of errors when uploading an nzb:

The possibility to unbundle this would be a requirement to package it in gentoo. We need compatibility with one of these cherrypy versions: 2.3.0, 3.1.2, 3.2.0, 3.2.1 or 3.2.2

tell me if I missed something

SABnzbd member
shypike commented Jun 21, 2012

The CherryPy people have never cared about compatibility and each of their official releases contain serious bugs making those unusable for us.
It's next to impossible to create an app that works with multiple unpatched releases.
We would have liked to rename CherryPy, but that's not really doable either.
There are several people who manage to create a proper package for SABnzbd.
See our forum:
You might want to contact "jcfp", who does Debian/Ubuntu.


It would be possible to add a cherrypy version with a patchlevel and make sabnzbd depend on that, but I am still not sure on which release version the bundled one is based.

SABnzbd member
shypike commented Jun 21, 2012

Patch level? Our patches are not from the CherryPy team.
We've had discussions about this with jcfp.
It's quite possible not to rely on an installed CherryPy, as long as you don't insist on installing SABnzbd as a Python module, because it isn't one.
BTW: we have the same issue with gntp (Growl support).

@shypike shypike closed this Jan 29, 2013

Technically every package that is installed into site-packages can be used as a "library", no matter if upstream intended that or not.
There is not much logic in deciding this on a per-package basis without knowing if or how others might want to make use of this.
That's the reason why installing into site-packages is common standard.

SABnzbd member
shypike commented Jan 29, 2013

If you want to turn our CherryPy variant into a site-package, that's OK. I cannot do it myself.
So, I assume I should name a release level and then our modifications. I'm afraid that's not possible for the current version, since that one uses a heavily patched intermediate from CP's subversion repo.
For the CherryPy used in the coming 0.8.0 release, this should be doable, because that's an official release with some patches.


Is there someplace we can track the 0.8.0 development?

SABnzbd member
shypike commented Feb 14, 2013

On the "develop" branch.
In a few weeks I'll be adding Unicode support, which will contain a new CherryPy version.
The base will be the official CP 3.2.2, which will be subsequently patched.
I'll make sure there's a separate commit for the original 3.2.2 and for each of the required patches.

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