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This is a query builder for Postgres with a twist: it contains a (partial) reimplementation of PostgreSQL's own query parser. This sets it aside from usual breed of "write-only" query builders:

  • Almost all syntax available for SELECT (and VALUES) / INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE in PostgreSQL 10 is supported, query being built is automatically checked for correct syntax.
  • Query is represented as an Abstract Syntax Tree quite similar to PostgreSQL's internal representation.
  • Query parts can be added to the AST either as objects or as strings (that will be processed by Parser).
  • Nodes can be removed and replaced in AST.
  • AST can be analyzed and transformed, the package takes advantage of this to allow named parameters like :foo instead of standard PostgreSQL's positional parameters $1 and to infer parameters' types from SQL typecasts.

Parsing is definitely not a fast operation, so there are means to cache parts of AST and the resultant query.

Usage example

use sad_spirit\pg_builder\StatementFactory,

$connection = new Connection('host=localhost user=username dbname=cms');
$factory    = new StatementFactory($connection);
// Needed for handling type info extracted from query
$connection->setTypeConverterFactory(new ParserAwareTypeConverterFactory($factory->getParser()));

// latest 5 news
/* @var $query Select */
$query      = $factory->createFromString(
    'select n.* from news as n order by news_added desc limit 5'

// we also need pictures for these...
$query->list[] = 'p.*';
$query->from[0]->leftJoin('pictures as p')->on = 'n.picture_id = p.picture_id';

// ...and need to limit them to only specific rubrics
$query->from[] = 'objects_rubrics as ro';
$query->where->and_('ro.rubric_id = any(:rubric::integer[]) and ro.obj_id = n.news_id');

// ...and keep 'em fresh
$query->where->and_('age(news_added) < :age::interval');

// $generated contains a query, mapping from named parameters to positional ones, types info
// it can be easily cached to prevent parsing/building SQL on each request
$generated = $factory->createFromAST($query);

// Note that we don't have to specify parameter types, these are extracted from query
$result = $generated->executeParams($connection, array(
    'rubric' => array(19, 20, 21),
    'age'    => 30 * 24 * 3600

foreach ($result as $row) {

echo $generated->getSql();

the last echo statement will output something like

select n.*, p.*
from news as n left join pictures as p on n.picture_id = p.picture_id, objects_rubrics as ro
where ro.rubric_id = any($1::pg_catalog.int4[])
    and ro.obj_id = n.news_id
    and age(news_added) < $2::interval
order by news_added desc
limit 5


Is in the wiki