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grammarbot-java libraray Grammar Bot provides spelling and grammar check. Signup for an API key at for increased usage limits. The API still works with no key, but the daily usage limit is lower.

Building project locally .

Clone the project From project root directory run the below command

  1. mvn clean install

Importing the client library in maven project.

The jar has been released in the maven central maven dependency


For other build tools you find the dependency in below url.

Creating the client

Default Client, Here the client have default values for the
# Language = en-US, Api-Key = java-default , Base-url=
GrammarBotClient botClient = new GrammarBotBuilder().build();

# or, signup for an API Key to get higher usage limits here:
GrammarBotClient botClient = new GrammarBotBuilder().setApiKey("ur api key").build();
# you can even set the base URI to a different server
GrammarBotClient botClient = new     GrammarBotBuilder().setBaseURI("").build();

 You can  specify all  the parameters while creating the client
GrammarBotClient botClient = new GrammarBotBuilder().setLanguage("en-us")
				.setBaseURI("").setApiKey("ur api key").build();

Analyzing the text

# There is only one method to perform the analysis, viz. GrammarBotClient.check method.

text = 'I cant remember how to go their'

## check the text, returns GrammarBotResponse object
GrammarBotResponse [software=Software [name=GrammarBot, version=4.3.1, apiVersion=1.0, premium=false,....

## you can even specify the language of input text on the fly.
GrammarBotClient botClient = client.check(text, "en-GB")

Inspecting the GrammarBotResponse object

check detected language

Language language = response.getLanguage();
DetectedLanguage detectedLanguage = language.getDetectedLanguage();
detectedLanguage.getCode(); # en-US
detectedLanguage.getName();  # English (US)

Inspecting the GrammarBotMatch objects

List<Matches> matches = response.getMatches();
for (Matches matchedObj : matches) {
#inspect the context object
Context context = matchedObj.getContext();
context.getLength() # 9
context.getText() # I cant remember how to go their

#inspect the replacement object
ArrayList<Replacement> replacements = matchedObj.getReplacements(
for (Replacement replacement : replacements) {
replacement.getValue() #there
#inspect the rule object
Rule rule = matchedObj.getRule(

For more information you will have access to the complete response in GrammarBotResponse

Please refer the test case for complete example of usage of client.

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