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Simple linux program with GUI written in Python - logging and plotting Brymen 257 multimeter output.
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0. Description

    brylog - simple linux Brymen 257 multimeter logger with GUI.

1. Requirements:

    python 3.3
    matplotlib 1.3
    pyserial 2.6

2. Program files: -> main program file
    /configure -> configuration directory for serial devices' files
    /libs/ -> main Brymen 257 processing module
    /libs/ -> config module for widgets
    /libs/ -> widget module responsible
                               for serial device configuration
    /libs/ -> ploting module
    /save -> saved logging files directory

3. How to start.

    a. turn on your Brymen in serial mode and connect it to PC
    b. run
    c. click CONFIG button
    d. set serial interface mask for Brymen
       (or used saved one by clicking LOAD button)
    e. save mask by clicking SAVE button
    f. click SAVE button on the main panel

4. End notes.

    This program could be used for other than BM257 models after modifications
    in libs/ file.

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