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OWASP Maryam

OWASP Maryam is an Open-source intelligence(OSINT) and Web-based Footprinting modular framework based on the Recon-ng and written in Python.

If you want

  • Extracts Emails, Docs, Subdomains, Social networks from search engines
  • Extracts Links, CSS and JS files, CDN links, Emails, Keywords from Web Source
  • Find and Brute force DNS, TLD and important directs
  • Crawl Web Pages and search your RegExp
  • Identify WebApps, WAF, Interesting and important files

Use Maryam

Quick Guide

For help options

  • write help or ?
  • or write help <command-name> for help your command

For show modules

  • write show modules

For use modules

  • write use <module-name> or load <module-name>

For show set options

  • write show options

For set an option

  • write set <option-name> <value>
  • for example set VERBOSITY 2

For run selected module

  • write run

For add a variable

  • write var <$name> <value>
  • for example var $hunter_key XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • for use it write set HUNTER_KEY $hunter_key
  • for show all of variables write var list command
  • for delete a variable write var delete <var-name>

For get report from modules output

  • set 'output' option with True: set output True
  • and next, use report command: report <file-name-for-output> <module-name>
  • for example report pdf_docs osint/docs_search localhost

For modules search

  • write search <string>

For record commands

  • write record start <file-name>
  • for stop it record stop

For store all outputs

  • write spool start <file-name>
  • for stop it spool stop

For run commands from file

  • write resource <commands-file-name>

For run shell command

  • write shell <command> or ! <command> or <command>

For reload all modules

  • write reload


For search a RegExp to the web pages

python maryam

use footprint/crawl_pages

set url

set regex https?://[A-z0-9\._\/\-?=]+

If you want crawl in the more pages:set crawl True

If you want get keywords, emails and ..:set more True

For get pdf files from search engine

python maryam

use osint/docs_search

set company EXAMPLE

set type pdf

set limit 5

set count 50

set metacrawler True


For DNS brute force

python maryam

use osint/dns_search

set dnsbrute True

set wordlist mylist.txt

set host


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