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Follow this steps to deploy a new version of Rambox:

  1. Define Rambox version editing app/package.json and appveyor.yml.
  2. Define Electron version in package.json and Travis CI Environment Variables.
  3. Define electron-builder version in package.json.
  4. Once commited all with Github Desktop Client, clean and build the project:

    npm run sencha:clean

    npm run sencha:compile:build

  5. Go to the rambox-build repo and commit and push changes.
  6. Create a new Github Release with the version and publish it as a Pre-Release.
  7. AppVeyor and Travis will start building automatically.
  8. In the meantime, edit the Release and define the Changelog and save it (still Pre-Release).
  9. Change the index.html of the Website and to update if is necessary.
  10. Update Wiki if necessary.
  11. Add new version in Wiki CHANGELOG.
  12. Edit artifacts names for Linux and Windows x64, adding "-x64". Ex: "Rambox-0.4.2-x64.deb".
  13. Publish release in Github.
  14. Go to Heroku instance and in Resources tab, disable Dynos and enable it again (if no version detected yet, we have to force it).
  15. Go to Firebase and update with the new version to notify users.
  16. Publish message in social networks mentioning new services and send emails.