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Check out the main project repository safing/portmaster

Part of Portmaster Unlimited

It's Time to Ditch VPNs

Stop paying for out-dated technology that was never intended to protect your privacy. Get peace of mind with SPN. Built from scratch and designed to truly protect your privacy from mass surveillance.


  1. Get Multiple Identities for Each App
  2. Simply Access Regional Content
  3. Easily Adjust Your Privacy
  4. Built from Scratch, for Your Privacy
  5. Bye Bye, VPNs
  6. FAQ

Feature Comparison

Full SPN vs VPN Most VPNs SPN Tor
Multiple Identities (simultaneous)
Automatic Geo-Unblocking
Individual App Settings
Easy Setup Browser Only
Open Source
Built for Privacy

Full SPN vs VPN Comparison

About Safing

Community Node

In addition to Safing's servers, the SPN also uses community nodes, strengthening the network through diversity in server ownership. Here's a guide on Hosting a Community Node

Portmaster's Architecture

You can dive into the Safing docs to get more technical details about Portmaster.