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This code transforms an Olimex LPC-P1343 into an USB HID Keyboard input device. All that is needed is some switcches connected between the io pins and GND.


  • To compile and build you need the KEIL ARM (evaluation) tools.
  • An Olimex LPC-P1343
  • Some Switches (footswitch or other pushbutton switch ).
  • Some Soldering skills...
  • Optional : Keil ULINK2 JTAG Prgrammer.

How do I get set up?

  • Connect the switches between GND and the io pins:

  • P1.6 = Key 1

  • P1.7 = Key 2

  • P1.8 = Key 3

  • P1.9 = Key 4

  • P1.10= Key 5

  • Compile and build the project.

  • You can change the hardcoded keys in the GetInReport() function. See the USB [HID Spec] ( page 53 for details.

Deployment instructions

Using ULINK2

  • Make sure Jumper BLD_E is removed.
  • Connect to the host PC.
  • Download the code in the CPU
  • Remove the JTAG and reset the board.

Without ULINK2

  • Place the jumper BLD_E
  • Connect to the host PC.
  • The CPU will present itself as an USB disk in explorer.
  • Copy the binairy to this new drive.
  • Remove the power.
  • Remove jumper BLD_E.
  • Reconnect the power.(resetting also works without removing the usb cable first)


USB-HID-Keyboard-LPC1343 using an Olimex LPC-P1343



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