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A Twitter library for WinRT based apps(Metro style) for Windows 8, written in C#.
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MinTwit is a Twitter library for WinRT based apps(Metro style) for Windows 8, written in C#. The current version provides -

  • OAuth Authentication.
  • Update Status aka tweet.
  • Get User Timeline.
  • Search for hashtags/terms etc.

NOTE 1: For information about creating a desktop application for Twitter, visit the Twitter Developers Site
NOTE 2: The Async functions return an awaitable Task<T> value. For more info read Diving deep with WinRT and await

  1. Prerequisites

  1. In VS, Add a reference to the file MinTwit.dll

  2. Import the namespace "MinTwit" in your project.

     using MinTwit;
  3. Create an application for Twitter and use "oob" as the callback url.

  4. The ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret that you'll get shall be used later.

  5. Authentication

MinTwit uses 3 step PIN based OAuth to provide authorized access to Twitter's API. The process is fairly simple -

//1. Send out a request for getting an OAuth RequestToken -     
//Provide your Consumer Key and Secret
    OAuthToken RequestToken = new OAuthToken();
    RequestToken = await OAuthControls.GetRequestTokenAsync(string ConsumerKey, string ConsumerSecret);		
//2. Get the authorization URL from the RequestToken as follows -   
    Uri auth_uri = await OAuthControls.GetAuthURLAsync(OAuthToken TwitterRequestToken);

//3. Navigate to the auth_uri via a Launcher   
    var success = await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(auth_uri);
    	//code to provide the user a way to input the PIN code shown on the browser

//4. Exchange the RequestToken with an AccessToken    
   	OAuthToken AccessToken = await OAuthControls.ExchangeRequestWithAccessTokenAsync(string ConsumerKey, string ConsumerSecret, OAuthToken RequestToken, string pin);
  1. Post Status Updates

    string response = await Twitter.PostStatusAsync((string) tweet);

Updating status provides a response message on success as given here. You can use the JSON.NET library by James Newton-King for parsing JSON.

  1. Get User Timeline

    string response = await TwitterControls.GetUserTimelineAsync(string userid, OAuthToken TwitterAccessToken, string ConsumerKey, string ConsumerSecret);

See response format

  1. Search

    string response = await TwitterControls.SearchTweetsAsync(string SearchQuery);

See response format

###Release Notes: Author: Sagar Mohite
Release Date: 12 August 2012
MinTwit Version 1.0.0
License: Apache License, Version 2.0

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