Building chat bots with Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs
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Hello! I'm Sage, aka the Trendy Techie. I'm a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft specializing in emerging technologies. This is the repo for my bot demo code, I will be adding to it as I develop the examples and create hands-on labs.

This repo contains demos for bots built with Microsoft Bot Framework. MBF supports bot development in two languages: Node.JS and C#. Navigate through the folders for examples in each. The root also contains the PowerPoint deck for my Bots 101 presentation (you may have seen this at a hackathon or community event). If you use these slides, please credit Microsoft.

C# Demos

Bing Spell Check API Bot

NOTE: to use this bot, you must enter your own API subscription key in the SpellCheckDialog.cs file, as well as add your own Bot Framework ID in the web.config file. To obtain these keys, visit and

Node.JS Demos

Basic Hello World Bot